Kenneth Yu (illumix)

10/17/2010: LKHC 2010: Alpine Road gallery is up! Wow how fall is falling upon us, no pun intended. Temperatures were warm to even hot yesterday, but now as everyone can see its starting to rain. Great timing to have a great wide with LKHC and hope the weather holds up for the next stage. Enjoy everyone!!

10/10/2010: LKHC 2010: Old La Honda gallery is up! We couldn't ask for better weather. It was amazingly warm even in the shadows and riding amongst the trees with glimpses is always beautiful. Enjoy the pictures everyone and Great Job finishing this stage of the Low Key Hill Climb.

10/06/2010: BikeMS: Waves to Wine 2010 galleries are finally up! Thank you everyone for coming out and supporting the Multiple Sclerosis Society.

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